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Hey there! I'm Angela - a family photographer, encourager, taco-lover, and daily journal-er who serves the greater Tulsa area.  I like strong coffee and ending my portrait sessions with smiles that aren't just for the camera!

I know you.  I know you get wrapped up in the daily hustle of life - but I also know that there's a who behind what you do. 

You're the type of person who does it all for those you love.

As a photographer, I believe art has the power to do more than look pretty on Facebook - it grounds, encourages, and keeps your heart-to-mind connection strong and focused on what matters most in life.

I'm the photographer for people who value family, legacy, love, and growth. I'm lucky enough to serve them with art that reflects that.

Favorite Things

Behind My Lens


She’s the one who keeps me on my toes, my biggest lesson in life, and always my favorite subject.

My Goddaughter

Cold, strong, and a little sweet. My order is usually an iced mocha anything!

I'll take it iced, please

If a food ever came so close to defining me... Steak, shrimp, carnitas, veggies, yes! They're versatile, reliable, a staple, and I’ll take any kind of salsa I can get!

Tacos, always

I could listen to podcasts all day - and I sometimes do!  Personal development, faith, business - I subscribe to it all. Send me your recommendations!





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